Meat-bone meal

Specification of Chicken meat-bone meal

Outward appearance – the product was free-flowing
Color – from light brown to dark brown
Smell – specific, not putrid
Moisture content, %, max – 9,0 -11,0
Mass fraction of crude protein,  %, min – 52,0
Fat acid number in, mg KOH, max – 80,0
Ash content, %, max – 28,0
Fat content,%, max – 18,0
Mass fraction ferrous/magnetic impurities mg per 1 kg of flour, max – 300,0
Mass fraction of impurities which are insoluble in hydrochloric acid, max – 1,0

Due to the variety of products (pork, beef, chicken etc.)

and high technology, our factory can produce

meat-bone flour on your request.